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WORKSHOP ON LIGHTING: From Energy Efficiency to Light Pollution (2nd Edition, October 20-21, 2016, IASI, ROMANIA)

Supported by CNRI (Romanian National Lighting Committee)

Aim: The lighting field suffers a massive transformation. Mainly due to their increased efficiency, LEDs are replacing old lighting technology in practically all application domains. From the conservative skeptical attitudes and up to the aggressive commercial promotion, the specialists are invited to spread information and moderate polemics. But beyond the transition to a new technology, lighting has an increased social, environmental, commercial and cultural role. Different diverse implications of urban lighting have to be analyzed and discussed, like those related to the light pollution: health, ecology, anthropology and the need of a dark sky. Nevertheless, the traditional lighting industry is forced to move away from a product oriented industry, towards an industry providing full service lighting systems and solutions. As a result of the impact of information- and communication technology, new concept like “lighting on-demand” will become usual.

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Agenţia pentru Inovare şi Transfer Tehnologic din cadrul Academiei de Ştiinţe a Moldovei desfășoară CONCURSUL PROIECTELOR DE INOVARE ȘI TRANSFER TEHNOLOGIC 2017, care are ca scop de bază susținerea implicării și dezvoltării unei economii naționale bazate pe inovații și transfer de noi tehnologii prin stimularea apariției și progresului ÎMM-lor inovaționale.

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